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Monday, March 06, 2006

Christianity Defaced as Leader of Emergent Church Movement Embraces Mysticism

Christianity Defaced as Leader of Emergent Church Movement Embraces Mysticism Part II
by Richard bennett

"The Emerging Church movement has hailed as its “manifesto” Brian McLaren’s book, A Generous Orthodoxy. In it, McLaren explains that the genesis and title of the Emergent Church movement takes its model from the growth of a tree,

“The meaning of emergent as used in these and other settings is an essential part of the ecosystem of generous orthodoxy. A simple diagram can illustrate what we mean by emergent thinking…Each ring [of a tree] represents not a replacement of the previous rings, not a rejection of them but an embracing of them, a comprising of them and inclusion of them in something bigger…[likewise] some thought seeks to embrace what has come before—like a new ring on a tree—in something bigger. This is emergent (or integral, or integrative) thinking. Emergent thinking has been an unspoken assumption behind all my previous books….”[1]

While this definition gives an excellent picture of McLaren’s modus operandi, it also is the Hegelian Dialectic idea [2] in a different format. Such change does not describe the biblical pattern of growth that the believer experiences. The biblical pattern requires a putting away of worldly thinking and an adherence to thinking in line with the Bible, which produces godly understanding and behavior.

McLaren further states, “This God-given thirst for emergence…is causing new forms ofChristian spirituality, community, and mission to emerge from modern Western Christianity…agenerous orthodoxy is an emerging orthodoxy, never complete until we arrive at our final homein God.” [3] Contrary to what McLaren states, new forms of Christianity are not developing..."
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Please Note:
In the case of the Emerging Church, the use of Diaprax is so subtle that most Emergent Christians won't even pick up on it. Why? Because many Emergent Church pastors and congretations are not well versed in the Scriptures to begin with. Sadly, may don't have enough discernment to pick up on it.

It is interesting to note that many cults use this type of reasoning to undermine the authority of Scripture and place the 'group leader' as the New Authority; thus placing the Leaders own opinion and intellect above the Word of God.

It would be a wise move for anyone researching the Emergent Movement to also take an in depth look at how cults operate in their communication skills and their authority structures - Authoritarianism.

Don't refuse well researched and well informed cautionary advice. Using Diaprax (Hegelian Dialectic) on the unsuspecting masses [in this case Christians] is a very subtle form of evil !

"Test all things, hold fast what is good; abstain from every form of evil."
! Thessalonians 5:21

Chris at SRN