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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today's ' Church' Is Changing: What on Earth Is 'Emerging'?

Gary Gilley Coming to U.K. to Help Address 'Emerging Church'
We are happy to announce that Gary Gilley is going to be speaking on the issues listed below when he comes to Northern Ireland in March and April.

If you are not familiar with Gary Gilley, he is a Bible teaching Pastor who has done his homework well and is willing to stand up for the truth of Scripture. Gary's has also written a book called 'This Little Church Went To Market' which gets a big thumbs up. 'This Little Church Went To Market' is a must read for Christians who want to know more of what is REALLY HAPPENING with Western Christianity. 'This Little Church Went To Market' is also and a sober eye opener of how Consumerism/Entertainment, the spirit of the age (zeitgeist], is warping 'modern Christianity' into something very unbiblical.

We just received the following announcement and have posted it here to encourage folks to hear Gary speak.
~Chris at SRN~

Cecil Andrews at Take Heed Ministries - N. Ireland

"TAKE HEED” MINISTRIES Invite you [19th March 2006 – 4th April 2006 (DV)] to hear PASTOR GARY GILLEY,
Pastor of Southern View Chapel, located in Springfield, Illinois, USA, to consider the topic of:

Alister Campbell once famously said of Tony Blair and ‘New Labour’ - "we don't do church". Over recent decades many others have been seeking to "do church" in radical new ways. Expressions like ‘The Shepherding Movement': 'House Church Movement': 'Cell Groups': ‘Seeker Sensitive’: 'User Friendly': 'Market Driven': 'Purpose Driven': ‘Contemplative Prayer’: 'Global Prayer': 'Prayer of Jabez': 'God-Chasers': 'Alpha Course': 'Emerging Church' have entered the vocabulary of professing Christendom and names like Bill Hybels: Rick Warren: Robert Schuller: Richard Foster: Tony Campolo: Henri Nouwen: Brennan Manning: Bruce Wilkinson: Tommy Tenney: Brian McLaren: Steve Chalke are familiar to those browsing the shelves of Christian bookstores and monitoring the changes that have resulted from the teachings of these men. Have these men and their initiatives led to an 'upgrade' or a 'downgrade' where "doing church" is concerned? Pastor Gary Gilley will attempt to answer this question.

Read Entire Leaflet and Schedule for Meetings - 19th March 2006 – 4th April 2006 [DV]

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