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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gimmie Yoga, a Burger and Fries

This recent article by Ray Gano (Prophezine)
hits the nail on the head !

Most westerner' don't know that Yoga is an occult-driven technique that has been toned down for Westerners as a sweet sugar-daddy lie for the masses. Even McDonalds is now promoting Yoga? Yes, in their Adult Happy Meal!

Ray Gano does a fine job of speaking the truth like it is. What he has stated in his article is in reality - the straight facts. And most importantly, as Ray states, people need Jesus Christ, not yoga.

We also fully agree with Ray that Yoga cannot be integrated into the Christian worship experience. Christian yoga is an oxymoron to the exteme, and it is a big giant lie. Christians...wake up!!!

It is past high-time for people in the West to see that they are being slowly lulled further into darkness by Eastern Mysticism. Yoga is promoted as a good and healthful experience, but is this really the truth? [See more at our Hazards of the Occult page at the Spiritul Research Network website (SRN) - scroll to bottom of page to Yoga articles].

Little do Westerners realize that the foundations of occultism are rooted and established in mystical EXPERIENCE - and Yoga provides just that. Yoga is just another doorway into the world of occult based New Age philosophy. Read on and understand the facts...

~ Chris at SRN

Gimmie Yoga, a Burger and Fries
By Ray Gano

This week I had yet another new shock to the system. While standing in line to order a Number 3 meal at the local McDonalds®, I noticed an interesting new promotion that is taking place. They now have Adult Happy Meal. This is pretty cool because the kids always got some pretty neat toys. The adult meal also comes with a prize, but I was kind of shocked when I found out what it is… a DVD on Yoga.

Well on my bag for my Big Mac®, I found a handy URL telling me more about this and I checked it out.

Here is what they say…

15 Minutes of Sane

Feeling stressed? Try Yoga. It helps relax the mind and rejuvenate the body and spirit. Plus, it's great for improving flexibility.

Your exclusive McDonald's® Yourself!Fitness® Yoga DVD offers four different 15 minute workouts to help improve your mood and your energy level. You can customize your Yoga workout by choosing a language, difficulty level and your area of focus – flexibility, stress relief, balance or strength. (1)

The eastern thought of New Age mentality is not only entering the burger joints of America, but it has made a strong entrenchment in a place not as suspecting… our churches today.

Christian yoga - the marriage of the ancient practice of exercise, breathing techniques and meditation with Christian spirituality - is exploding in popularity. Organizations that certify Christian yoga instructors are seeing an increase in enrollment, and classes with an openly Christian focus are popping up in churches and studios across the country.

Christian yoga is also a thriving business. Boon will release a Holy Yoga DVD set later this year that has already been picked up for distribution by the Home Shopping Network and QVC. Yahweh Yoga plans to franchise throughout the Valley, co-founder DeAnna Smothers said. (2)

It amazes me today that so many New Age / eastern occultist practices are entering the church today under so many guises, and you know what; it isn’t very hard either. All you have to do is slap the word “Christian” on it and WHAMMO, its gotta be good and right with God, because it’s “CHRISTIAN”

I have been reading many of the sites that promote Christian yoga and they fight tooth and nail to make yoga seem ok.

The Outstretched philosophy is simple: we believe God will bless our sincere efforts at deepening a relationship with Him. He wants our fellowship and appreciates creative approaches to seeking His face. This is why Outstretched is dedicated to a Christ-centered pursuit of physical healing and spiritual growth through a practice of yoga.

This Christian approach to yoga simply allows us to combine these two essential goals: becoming physically healthy and spiritually healthy. We become more spiritually healthy through the yoga practice by calming our minds and quieting ourselves to the point that we can tune out the world's frequency and tune into God's frequency. (3)
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