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Friday, May 19, 2006

Is There a New "Evangelicalism"?

Is There a New "Evangelicalism"?

Jan Markell, in her E-Update titled 'Is There a New "Evangelicalism"?', has made an excellent observation - The word Evangelical has a whole new meaning today.

We too have been seeing that the word 'Evangelical' has a whole new meaning today. It is very sad indeed! An 'Evangelical' nowadays can even be a heretic. Furthermore, in many Christian 'camps' it is not even clear what an 'Evangelical' is, what it really means.

All too often today people say they are 'Evangelical' but they deny the sufficiency of Scripture, cannot cleary explain the Gospel, do not have clue what Justification means, deny the existence of hell [Jesus preached on it and believe it was real], etc.
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