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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Age Leader, Marianne Williamson, Comes to Rick Warren's Defense - "Meditation" is Common Ground

Dear Readers of the Contemplative Emerging Church Deception Blog,

I write the following as some follow up thoughts about Marianne Williamson finding common ground in 'meditation' with Rick Warren.

First, please read the quote on the left that is from the Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs by John Ankerberg and John Weldon. We think it is worth reading over as it is one of the most sober warnings against yoga and meditation we have found. It simply puts into a couple paragraphs what thousands of pages of occult literature warn of. I can vouch for my statement here because our research library has a massive amount of literature from occult writers that warn of these hazards.

Sadly, the New Age style of meditation is not what Biblical meditation is at all. Yet churches and pastors are being swept up in the gayity of just embracing everything, including eastern oriented contemplative prayer / occult style meditation with no discernment whatsoever.

To equate New Age style meditating (an occult technique for connecting with the 'divine essence') with biblical meditation (Psalm 1) is not only completetly undiscerning, it is dangerous. The Bible does not teach the emptying of the mind to engage in an occult 'experience'.

Yet... Marianne Williamson has come to Rick Warren's aid and meditation and global peace is the common ground between them.

For those of you who know about Marianne Williamson, you will know that she is a New Age leader and the teachings that she teaches are occult in nature, and thoroughly hostile to Biblical Christianity and the historical Person named Jesus Christ - who claimed to be Eternal God and proved it by His resurrection fom the dead.

"What is so significant about Williamson's recent defense of Rick Warren is how she ties meditation into the scope of the global peace plan, and as we have laid out over and over in the books we have published (A Time of Departing and Running Against the Wind) and the articles we have written here at Lighthouse Trails, Rick Warren is a promoter of Eastern style meditation (i.e., contemplative prayer). And of all people to recognize this, Marianne Williamson did! Christian leaders haven't, but a New Age leader has."

For a New Age leader to come to Rick Warren's Defense is not only strange, it is cause for some curious questioning about where Rick Warren really stands. Maybe his P.E.A.C.E. Plan and the type of meditation that he endorses aren't as Biblical as masses of Christians think they are.

The world standing alongside of Rick Warren? The world took the head of John the Baptist and crucified the LORD of Life - Jesus Christ! Something is awry here folks. Has the salt lost its saltiness. Something to think about!

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- Chris at SRN

The following article is from Lighthouse Trails Research Project Blog

New Age Leader, Marianne Williamson, Comes to Rick Warren's Defense - "Meditation" is Common Ground by Lighthouse Trails Research, 11/22/06

Tuesday, in an article in the Detroit News, something happened that doesn't happen every day. In fact, it may never have happened before. The headline read, "Faith leaders deserve a shot at creating peace on earth." The author of the article was defending Rick Warren - well that's not too unusual - many Christian leaders, pastors and teachers have done that consistently these past four years. That would hardly be newsworthy. But this article was written by someone who does not defend conservative Christians. On the contrary, she stands for beliefs that are opposed to biblical Christianity. Her name is Marianne Williamson.

Many of you may be familiar with her, but for those who are not, Williamson is a major figure in the New Age movement. She is currently part of a growing effort in Washington DC to convince the US government to open a Department of Peace. Respected figures like Walter Cronkite work with Marianne Williamson in this effort, and New Age leader Barbara Marx Hubbard is a co-visionary of Williamson's peace plan.
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