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Friday, December 22, 2006

Apostasy Continues To Exponentiate!

Greetings once again!

We hope and pray our readers are reading their Bibles too. Because apostasy in these last days continues to exponentiate!

Amidst working through more emails, we have received some very encouraging letters and also some very sad ones too. Periodically people will share their own stories about how their churches are embracing contemplative spirituallity, New Age mystical techniques, yoga, etc.

People also share about how their church leadership frowns upon them as they ask why the church is not teaching the Bible, but instead Rick Warren's book. We have recently posted more articles regarding these dangers of these things at our SRN Blog and our Contemplative Emerging Church deception Blog. These two articles help shed a bit of light on what Bible believers are up against nowadays

  • pseudodidaskaloi' - The Cut & Paste Hermeneutics Of Rick Warren and The Gnostic by Jacob Prasch, Moriel Ministries, 12/14/06
BIBLE BUTCHERY - How To Make God’s Word Say Whatever You Like And Ignore What God Said It Actually Says - The Cut & Paste Hermeneutics Of Rick Warren and The Gnostic Interpretation Of The Parables By Brian Maclaren & Peter Tsukahira
www.moriel.org/articles/discernment/church_issues/pseudodidaskaloi.htm emerging church
I have also received correspondence from a Christian who got into alternative therapies, new age healing, and Kundalini [yoga] arousal. Although he is a Christian, his life has been dramatically affected by occult influences. This ought not to be.

Sadly, many leaders in churches nowadays think it is a New way of doing church to integrate Gnostic mysticism and ancient rituals into church services, including chanting, praying with crystals, centering prayer, visiaulizing Jesus, incense, candles, venerating images and icons, walking labyrinths, etc.

A simple reading of Jeremaih chapter 7 and 8 reveals what our Holy God thinks about mixing pagan religious practices with the worship of the One true God - Jehovah - Jesus Christ!

Beware friends, New Age Gnosticicm and Ancient Mysticism re-labeled for Christians is not of the God of Holy Scripture! We understand that post-modern leaders want to reach out to poeple, but this is Christian chicanery - artful subterfuge, Trojan Horsism, masquerading as "true worship".