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Monday, December 11, 2006

Emergent Tony Campolo and Christian Camping and Conference Association

Emergent Tony Campolo and Christian Camping and Conference Association
~ A Warning to Christian Camp Directors

by Scott MacIntyre

Emergent proponent, author, and speaker Tony Campolo is one of the keynote speakers at this year's Christian Camping and Conference Association Convention (CCCA).

Formerly called Christian Camping International, CCCA is the largest representative organization for Christian camps in the United States. They are hosting their annual convention in Philadelphia, PA November 27-30 of this year. According to convention promotion on the CCCA web site, this year's theme is titled, "Rebirth of a Notion", an obvious play on the Philadelphia convention site as the birth place of our nation. In reading further, we discover the 'devil' in the details,

"The theme, "Rebirth of a Notion," will be the basis for exploring how Christian camp leaders can benefit from returning to the philosophical roots of camping, while discovering how to retool for the future."

It is uncertain what "philosophical roots" these may be, but many Christians of discernment will recognize the 'Rick Warren-like' approach of claiming an old message with a new method of communicating. It sounds like the basic, "our message must never change, but our methods must" approach. I'm afraid the message does get changed. With Campolo as a keynote speaker, it's hard to imagine him encouraging hundreds of camp directors and leaders to return to teaching the Bible in their camps....