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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Kundalini Effect and Contemplative Prayer

The Kundalini Effect and Contemplative Prayer
By Brian Flynn

On a pro-contemplative spirituality web site, I came across the descriptions of those who had experienced the effect of contemplative prayer. Some of this is very disturbing and should be read with care:

I have been practicing Centering Prayer for 2 ½ years.… I began experiencing Kundalini-like symptoms three months after beginning the practice. They were quite intense at first. They have continued in various forms since then. Lately, I only experience them at the very beginning of prayer. I am not aware of any other moral manifestations. Father [Thomas] Keating [ long time contemplative supporter] advised me personally to ignore them if I could, and if they were too bothersome to “balance the energy” with physical exercise or a yoga practice.—Gary

I began to feel energy or electrical current rushes through my body, and some stomach muscle cramping. For the next few weeks, these sensations intensified, and bodily shaking/twitching began, lasting from several seconds to perhaps 5 or 10 minutes. A mild euphoria accompanied. I could willfully stop these sensations, but instead prayed fervently to Christ to help lead me away from them if they were not efficacious to his will.… After meditation, I am left with a tingly face and neck (sometimes arms) and a full or pressured feeling inside my crown. In recent weeks, I am getting more release as the energy eventually gently fizzes out of the top of my head.… Also, euphoric energy flows come [and go].—Richard

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