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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Purpose Driven Ecumenism

Purpose Driven Ecumenism
by Roger Oakland
Nearly every day we read headlines that indicate the ecumenical movement is sweeping the world. It seems churches and denominations that once took strong biblical positions no longer believe what they once believed. It is common to hear about unity at any cost, however, not at the foot of the cross.

The death of Pope John Paul II was a watershed event with regard to the ecumenical movement. Christian leaders from all over the world demonstrated their willingness to lay down their differences. What would have been deemed impossible a decade ago, with regard to embracing Roman Catholicism is now common-place. Since taking over as the new head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI has promised to unify Christianity. Based on current events and trends, there is a strong possibility this may well happen.

Bible prophecy reveals the last days will be characterized by a time when a counterfeit bride will be prepared for a counterfeit Christ. Deception will take place in the name of Jesus because the truth of God’s Word will be ignored.

This commentary will document a number of trends that appear to be leading towards a unified “Christianity” with a reunion of the separated brethren in Rome. My prayer is that people will read this commentary with an open mind and consider the facts...

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