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Friday, January 12, 2007

AFA Removes "Mysticism" Category But Authors Remain

AFA Removes "Mysticism" Category But Authors Remain
Jan 11, 2007

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This is a follow up of last week's story,
American Family Association Includes Contemplative/Mystical Categories in Bookstore

American Family Association has removed the "Mysticism" category from their Resource Center; however, the same authors who appeared under "Mysticism" have remained available to buyers and can be found in other categories on the store. Some of these authors like Evelyn Underhill and Jean-Pierre De Caussade can be found under the category Spirituality (in the Spiritual Growth section). Others can be found throughout the Resource Center bookstore.

Evelyn Underhill was a mystic who believed that mysticism was the vehicle in which all religions could come into contact with the "Absolute" (God) however one perceived him to be.

She states:
[T]hose who use the term "Mysticism" are bound in self-defense to explain what they mean by it. Broadly speaking, I understand it to be the expression of the innate tendency of the human spirit towards complete harmony with the transcendental order; whatever be the theological formula under which that order is understood. Whether that end be called the God of Christianity, the World-soul of Pantheism, the Absolute of Philosophy, the desire to attain it and the movement towards it-so long as this is a genuine life process and not an intellectual speculation-is the proper subject of mysticism. I believe this movement to represent the true line of development of the highest form of human consciousness.

— Evelyn Underhill, from
Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual

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