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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

CHRISTIAN YOGA EXPOSED Tract and Resources From Living Lamb Ministries

Dear friends, here are some great discernment resources and links EXPOSING CHRISTIAN YOGA. These can be found at Jonna Sutherland's Living Lamb Ministries website in the articles section.

Chris at SRN

Living Lamb Ministries
Discernment Resources
(Jonna Sutherlands Website)

What is Christian Yoga?
pdf Tri-fold brochure
- Write Living Lamb Ministries
for free copies

Christian Yoga and Hindu Gods by Jonna Sutherland

Christian Yoga: Rooted in Hindu Occultism by Chris Lawson - pdf file
{Note: The above pdf file may take a minute to load.}

You Shall Not Worship the LORD Your God in That Way by Brian Flynn

Note: For the below mp3 files, you may want to save the files to your hard drive for easier playing. To do this: Right-click on the link, choose "Save Target As," and download the file to your hard drive.

Todd Friel Interviews Swami on "Christian Yoga" - mp3 file

Christianity and Yoga Don't Mix?
Dr. Ron Carlson Part 1 Part 2 - mp3 files
Source: Christian Worldview Network.com - Brannon Howse & Tim Wildmon