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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beware: New Video on "Christian Yoga" - Christoga

Beware: New Video on "Christian Yoga" - Christoga

Source: Lighthouse Trails

August 21st marks the release of a new video on Christian yoga. Christoga features actress Janine Turner (please view with discretion).

Christoga is
produced by Westlake Entertainment and co-features yoga/fitness expert Mary Cunningham. A description of the project reads:

Christoga is a non-traditional hatha yoga practice at beginning and intermediate levels using scriptures from the Bible as the meditation focus. The positions strengthen and lengthen muscles as well as improve breathing, concentration and balance. The progressive guided relaxation phase is both comforting and restorative.

While there are currently many professing Christians who practice yoga, and even books on Christian yoga (such as Yoga for Christians by Thomas Nelson), the term Christian yoga is actually an oxymoron. Yoga is a Hindu practice that is an essential element of Hinduism. Thus, there is no such thing as Christian yoga, and practicing it is contrary to biblical teachings. As for Christoga, it is a gateway to deeper forms of eastern mysticism. A Washington Post article on Christoga states: "[I]f you would rather trade Hindu or New Age dogma for another doctrine, CHRIS{dagger}oga could be a nice start."2

Christoga is already being sold in
Christianbook.com, and other Christian outlets may follow suit. Numerous Christian online and walk-in bookstores carry Yoga for Christians.

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