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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Keating, Kundalini and Contemplative Prayer

The following article is a very clear expose regarding Thomas Keatings' glowing endorsement of the Kundalini Serpent power being "intergrated" into the Christian lifestyle.  What Keating is endorsing is nothing more than full blown occultism being labeled as Christianity.  

The literature that Keating has endorsed, a book called Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality by Philip St. Romain is nothing more than a handbook on how to  undiscerningly and willingly accept demonic activity into the Christian life, and then call it the Holy Spirit.  

Chris Lawson


Keating, Kundalini and Contemplative Prayer

by Brian Flynn

The class began with a meditation exercise that we were to practice every day when we awoke and again each evening. Elinor instructed us to sit with our feet firmly on the ground and to close our eyes. She then asked us to imagine roots or cords extending from the soles of our feet down into the earth. She said to imagine going deeper and deeper to the light, with the heat and power of the earth below us. Her words flowed from one to another and had an almost hypnotic effect on me:

Once the cords reach a certain point, attach the cords to that power. Bring that energy up those roots, up through the soles of your feet, up your legs, and allow them to attach to the base of your spine to the first Chakra. You are now grounded in earth's energy.

I finally felt I was heading in the right direction and tapping into a world and an energy that would give guidance and insight. Excerpt from Running Against the Wind.

During my years as a New Age medium, grounding myself was one of the first steps required to prepare my mind before performing psychic readings. It was from this series of meditative steps that I was able to hear from my spirit guides.  Who could have guessed that years later I would be warning Christians not to imitate this exact same practice?

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